The most ecstatic noise in Beyoncé's "Countdown" doesn't come when B flutters through the vowel-stretched "Boyyyy" at the song's outset, nor does it come from the blats of brass, nor does it come when she delightedly wraps her voice around the newly minted term of endearment "Boof." It's buried so deep in the song's stuffed-to-the-gills mix that it reveals itself only after her ode to fidelity and baby-making has been fully taken in: It's an undergrowth of moans, pulsing in time with the rat-tat-tat drumline and underscoring the sensual pleasures that go hand-in-hand with the romantic splendor detailed in the lyrics. The close listener gets rewarded with the knowledge that, why, yes, she did have quite a bit of fun while trying to make that... More >>>