The first time I heard about Tom Murrin, I was a kid in Southern California and my parents told me about their friend who had been a lawyer and quit the law and ran off to New York to become a performance artist. I thought he sounded fantastic. In my twenties, I moved to New York City and Tom welcomed me. We had lunch at Veselka Diner and Philip Glass walked by and the two of them exchanged hellos. I thought, oh my, this is the NYC of my dreams. "How do you know him?" I said. "Oh, just from around," said Tom. And he really did know almost everyone from around. Tom went to see everything, wrote about everything, and loved to meet new people and learn about what they were doing. He had a genuine curiosity about people and an incredible generosity towards them. Tom gave great advice. I moved to East 3rd Street and he said, "Perfect! That's where all the theater is." When I started making theater, he said, "Keep going.... More >>>