It's known as "The Party That Dare Not Speak Its Name." But we will. Because Pussy Faggot! returns to New York for its third anniversary tonight, and Earl Dax's eclectic milieu of performance artists is just too interesting—and fantastically outspoken—to ever censor. The name, once a derogatory comment shouted at the curator, now represents this giant and poignantly diverse gathering that aims to celebrate creative expressions of queer identity while reviving some of the grittier aspects of downtown art-based nightlife that have since been sanded over and institutionally lacquered up. Doable? Most definitely, especially with scene icon Penny Arcade and Jordan Fox running the show. Performances by opera singer/performance artist Joseph Keckler, the British bro and sis cabaret duo Bourgeois and Maurice, the vamped out boys of the Pixie Harlots, queens from Alaska Thunderfuck to Needles Jones, Max Steele's Fag City literary salon, and many more will cover the spectrum of queer art. Revel in music, theater, dance, pussies, faggots, and every possible combination... More >>>