Someone had a blast putting together this show of photographs taken between 1945 and 1960. First off, many of these 55 pictures are simply great images. An untitled shot from Robert Frank's "The Americans" captures one man closing huge double doors on another man; the rough grain in this 1956 photo hones the feeling that something shabby has transpired in this high-ceilinged space of wall sconces and heavy molding. The geometric composition of cobblestones and a pedestrian crosswalk in Toni Schneiders's 1952 view of a sedan speeding past two American soldiers in Frankfurt, Germany, conveys the sense of a victor's imposed order beginning to wane, as the natives start hustling again. But the juxtapositions are what really get the juices flowing: Alfred Eisenstaedt's iconic shot of a sailor wrangling a kiss from a nurse on VJ Day hangs next to a Helen Levitt photo from the same year, in which a girl on a New York street carries two milk jugs before her undeveloped breasts as an enormously pregnant woman in saddle shoes glances moodily at her. Together, the two pictures conjure a before and after of exuberant lovemaking and its prosaic consequence. Edmund Teske's small print of a naked young man in a dilapidated shack, flaunting his glory, is hung next to a large Fred Herzog color print of a heavyset gent peering from the shadows of a marquee, his cigarette pointing erectly... More >>>