The unnamed Oregonian in question, a young woman (Lindsay Pulsipher) in her twenties, is having a bad day of Lynchian proportions. Bloody and bruised, she awakes behind the wheel of a crashed station wagon. There's a dead man lying near the car. Did she hit him? And could he be the same guy she's seeing in the flashbacks she's having? Writer-director Calvin Lee Reeder, making his feature debut, isn't interested in satisfying the conventional expectations of an audience. Abandoning logic, he sends his heroine stumbling down a mountain road where she encounters a creepy old lady whose menacing stare triggers those flashbacks, a trucker who pours gasoline on his morning pancakes, a man in a furry green frog costume, and a chilled-out dude who offers an explanation, of sorts, for all this weirdness: "These trees—they have a code. It's not for our understanding." Reeder has stated... More >>>