Let’s get right to the point: Stuffing your face with gourmet cuisine doesn’t cart the same guilt if it’s done in the name of a lofty ideal like cultural expansion rather than just gut expansion. Even less if it’s for charity, and this high-minded eat-a-thon will be donating 20 percent of each ticket to Action Against Hunger. So by all means, gorge away. The theme of this year’s Le Grand Fooding Brooklyn is the complicated relationship between gentrification and creative revival in certain neighborhoods of Paris, East London, and NYC’s own 
rapidly yuppifying borough. Renowned chefs from these districts such as Alain Senderens, the Young Turks, Magnus Nilsson, and many more will be serving up carefully curated feasts for the five-day-long event. From the champagne dinner to a “Luncheon in the Dust” at Brooklyn Flea, there’s a scene to... More >>>