JFK is a year in his grave, Vietnam is escalating,Warhol's elegiac flowers are on view at Castelli, and the Velvet Underground is coalescing from the dark recesses of downtown deviance. Dec-ember 1964 conjures a Gotham both on edge and brilliantly edgy, so it's really no surprise that this re-creation of Dan Flavin's breakthrough solo show from that far-off month is the freshest, most challenging and uplifting exhibition in town. First, take a long look at the sketches that Flavin executed for visualizing the placement of his fluorescent lights in the original Green Gallery space, especially a see-through floor plan in pencil. It's fascinating to see how the artist's vision adjusted once his luminous works were actually in place—four vertical lamps have been edited completely out of one piece. Then there's the work itself, pure light handled with a painter's aplomb. Depthless grays are manifested... More >>>