The neo-burlesque movement started taking over NYC clubs in the 1990s in response to a city that had become shockingly sanitized. Interestingly enough, now that the sex is everywhere, burly-q is bigger than ever. Sex is online, on apps, and maybe even in your house, but sophisticates are still lining up for burlesque shows at boîtes from the reopened Slipper Room to Meat Packing restaurants to the Cutting Room and beyond. And why shouldn't they? The art of the tease is timeless, the practitioners have gotten even more outrageous, focused, and funny, and there's no longer much potential embarrassment about communally enjoying the soulful shimmying of exposed flesh. All over town, people have been piling together for an orgy of appreciation over the strutting strippers who put the "graphic" back in choreographic and keep moxie and mystery alive in nocturnal New York. Burlesque has... More >>>