Ever caught yourself watching a stranger who was oblivious to your eye, and become fixated for so long that the situation began to feel weird, almost intimate? The debut feature by Eleanor Burke and Ron Eyal produces just this effect. As she confronts the unseemly business of clearing out her recently deceased mother's cottage on the East Sussex coast, London journalist Oona strikes up a quiet friendship with Mani, the homeless man who has been squatting there. Bridget Collins and Adeel Akhtar, the leads, express more in their stark, make-up-free faces than in any line of dialogue—which is wisely kept sparse. Much of the film is a study of the peculiar things people do when they think they're alone. Mani absently examines an old radio. Oona plays with Legos, and does so beautifully. As she sits skimming the back cover of a... More >>>