"Where we're going we don't need roads," photographer-turned-fruit geek Ken Love tells fellow geek Bill Pullman as they crash through Hawaiian brush in search of the exotic. But their vehicle is no match for the vegetation, so they must make their way on foot to thrash through with machetes. Of all the metaphors this film tries on for size, this, the need for a clear road, may be the most apt. Still, amid many haphazard details and much talk of obsession, the lush work by cinematographer Mark Ellam is something of a guide, sensuous and outstanding, his macro lens showing the very female wonder of fruit. We are animals whose ovaries are deeply hidden. But fruit! Announced in the most garish of ways by flowers, fruit are literally the ovaries of the plants and trees that bear them. This sensuality—in Genesis, in history, in poetry—is the film's great crutch,... More >>>