One of the year’s best albums is a work of lunatic genius that, though forged in the cauldron of jazz improvisation, in the end contains not a whit of it. A 47-minute through-composed work divided into nine seamless movements, Brooklyn-based piano trio Dawn of Midi’s Dysnomia was recorded twice: once in the semi-improvised manner that characterized their 2010 debut, First, and a year later as the faux-electronic, neominimalist trance vehicle they’ll likely perform in its entirety tonight. Morocco-born Amino Belyamani translates bytes into gestures by performing right-handed figures while muting his piano’s strings with his left, while India-born bassist Aakaash Israni and Pakistani-American drummer Qasim Naqvi add to the looping elliptical orbits signified by the album’s lunar track titles (Dysnomia being our solar system’s farthest moon from... More >>>