It would appear that lots of women want to have sex with those dudes from Flight of the Conchords, and I can't decide if this makes them a wild success or a miserable failure. In any event, it's bizarre. "I love you, Bret!" some overheated lass will blurt out during one of the many, many, many faux-awkward pauses during the comedy duo's sold-out show Tuesday night at Town Hall, and when Bret's partner, Jemaine, looks faux-despondent, another overheated lass will blurt out "We love you too, Jemaine!" to cheer him up. Hoots of lust and adoration nearly drown out their every utterance. They are aloof, keytar-brandishing, hirsute New Zealander playboys. When the boys start faux-bragging about their kissing acumen and threaten to set up a kissing booth out in the lobby after the show, a violent mass orgasm seizes hold of the crowd. It's unclear who, if... More >>>