Art school has always been about stealing from your elders, then hacking your way through those influences to something of your own. For centuries, that meant copying master works and drawing from live models to discover new ways of depicting the human body's arching slabs of meat in perspective. But that was before Cubism fractured the body, Abstract Expressionism dispersed it, and Minimalism dispensed with it. Now all we've got is amorphous Pluralism, and students have no cohesive movements to revere or rail against (although dealers desperately flog Neo-Whatever-isms to boost sales). Still, while beauty and conviction can't be taught, talent can certainly be enhanced by technique and critiques, and that's where art schools come in. So, join us on a jaunt through the training grounds of Gotham, where today's students grapple with that utterly useless, but hopefully enthralling, object—or event or... More >>>