Viewing an unwieldy topic through a narrow prism almost always yields greater insights than a sprawling overview, and prisms don't get much narrower than the slant of Eddy Moretti and Suroosh Alvi's arresting doc: the shifting fates and fortunes of Iraq's only heavy-metal band, Acrassicauda, in the wake of the 2003 invasion. The four bandmates shrug off the novelty of Muslim youths moshing to Metallica covers: "We are living in a heavy-metal world," one explains, as bombs rock the Casbah like pyrotechnics at an Iron Maiden show. It only gets heavier, as civil war forces half the band into Syria and a blast obliterates their practice space. Bassist Firas al Lateef and lead singer Faisal Talal, best friends who live 15 minutes apart in Baghdad, go six months without seeing each other because the streets are so... More >>>