"Drawing," Dorothea Rockburne says in an interview installed at the front of her Museum of Modern Art exhibition, "is the bones of thought." And indeed, "bones," with its dual structural and material connotations, is a good starting point for this small, focused show. Based on mathematical premises like set theory and the Golden Section, Rockburne's wall drawings and folded paper works operate within a field of systematic logic. They also abound in the lushness of material: the slick, molasses gleam of butcher paper coated in resin; crude-oil stains on chipboard; the way a square of vellum fuzzily obscures the ink-drawn line passing beneath it. Rockburne's compositions are sparse and linear, but they never veer into the ascetic. "Drawing Which Makes Itself" reveals a conceptually rigorous practice that uses line — drawn, folded, imprinted — to plunge the paradoxical... More >>>