He might be any lonely kid you'd catch watching cars whiz by on a busy road or playing a solo game of hide-and-seek in an abandoned lot. But the "boy" of Nagisa Oshima's literally torn-from-the-headlines drama, a stoic lad named Toshio, is not your typical 10-year-old. Wandering from city to city with his WWII veteran dad, nervous bird of a stepmom, and little brother nicknamed Peewee, this kid takes part in his roving clan's scam: Mom 2.0 pretends she's been clipped by a speeding driver. The children cry. Pops bursts into the local emergency room in a faux-rage. The unlucky mark forks over cash to keep the cops out of the equation. Rinse, repeat. Except the matriarch's last go-round has left her limping—which unfortunately makes Toshio ripe for a promotion in the... More >>>