After releasing two critically acclaimed tributes to Cuban roots music with a band called Los Cubanos Postizos ("the Prosthetic Cubans"), downtown/experimental-guitar legend Marc Ribot had a choice to make: "I loved doing that band," he says. "But it either had to stop being 'Postizo,' and I had to go to Cuba and spend 10 years really doing it, or I had to say, 'Well, this is a project, and it did what I wanted it to do.' " We're sitting across from each other at his kitchen table, having spent the first 45 minutes of our time together talking about the future of the music industry, which Ribot has observed and enriched on numerous sides: his recent work with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss; his contributions to most of Tom Waits's major work of the last 20 years; collaborations with John Zorn, Elvis Costello, the Black Keys,... More >>>