High heels or platform sneaks? The perennial question of footwear is as important today as it was almost 40 years ago at the Stonewall Inn on that one fateful June night that jump-started the modern gay-rights movement. Today, as the Gay Pride celebration in Manhattan swells into a corporatized event, smaller, more grassroots Pride celebrations in the outer boroughs preserve the spirit of Stonewall. Staten Island–based performer Donna Maxon seriously considered her shoes before hitting the stage at the inaugural Gay Pride celebration on Midland Beach back in June 2005. She was happy her platform sneakers were keeping her above the infrequent patches of lawn. Soon enough, the Bette Midler impersonator was working her way through a set that included "I'm Beautiful, Damn It!" and "The Wind Beneath My Wings" for this largely Hispanic, lesbian, and... More >>>