OK, let's get this straight: Fergie says "lady lumps" five times in a hit single and she's America's easiest water-cooler joke; Lil Wayne says it seven times and he's the best rapper alive? It's hard to swallow that rap's milli-certified critics' darling is the same MC who so confidently drops cringe-worthy puns every fifth bar ("I will never one, two, three, forget"); who rhymes words with themselves when he gets stuck (remember when we nailed Jeezy to the wall for this?); who raps in tautologies, inventing phrases that just sound like good punchlines because of his irresistible swagger ("Fly, go hard like geese erection"); who makes two "Macho Man" Randy Savage jokes on one album; who can't even score one of the top-five best T-Pain songs in a short year (see Rick Ross, Ace Hood, Lil Mama, 2 Pistols, and Ukrainian pop star Ruslana). For all its brilliant... More >>>