The white-haired waiter bows as a new crowd of customers enters—in this case, a bevy of brown-shirted Dunkin' Donuts managers, who take their places at one of the long tables, smudges of powdered sugar visible on their sleeves. They stare dumbfounded at the murals that line the walls. On one side, an armless Venus de Milo glances sideways at the Acropolis, not realizing her real name is Aphrodite; deeper into the dining room, a white village crawls up the cleft of an Aegean fjord. Elsewhere, a concentration of beehive huts sits atop a cliff, as a unireme galley that might be Odysseus' luffs by under full sail. The murals encapsulate four millennia of Greek culture and history, but with colors so strange and bright that the décor ends up seeming like your last Greek... More >>>