Anyone hoping that Heath Ledger was taking cues from Beatrice Inn (his famously favorite haunt) when outlining the plans for his now-open Greenpoint spot Five Leaves will likely be disappointed. I went twice last week, and it's definitely not a place to rage—the "We close at midnight" thing isn't a joke, unfortunately, which I found out upon walking in on Wednesday night at 11:45 and hearing the bartender announce last call. I went back the next day at a more respectable hour to find the place about half-full, with a few small groups still ordering grub and a rotating cast of cute loners taking their places next to me at the bar. My roommate was happy to find that the place stocks Coopers Pale, a beer she fell in love with while living in Australia, the land of Ledger. (Owners are first-time restaurateurs Jud Mongell... More >>>