"This fall, say no to tweezers." That's Montreal-born DJ A-Trak's suggestion in honor of his current world tour, Attack of the Unibros, a double bill with Berlin's Alexander Ridha, the German electro DJ and producer who labors under the moniker Boys Noize. ("It's uniBRO because we're bros, bro," writes A-Trak on his record label's blog. "Shout out to the Bro Bro Brothers.") They hit up Europe in September, and after a short jaunt across the border to A-Trak's homeland, the dance duo returns to the States for a Friday-night date with Webster Hall. "It's a peaceful union between Germany and Canada, all for the sake of DJing and baseball caps," explains A-Trak, the former tour DJ for Kanye West. His label may be named Fool's Gold, but by all appearances he... More >>>