Jay Reatard likes to spread himself thin: The high-school dropout has joined upwards of 15 bands (the Lost Sounds, the Angry Angles, etc.) in the last decade, all while releasing solo singles, EPs, and other recorded ephemera at a manic, Bob Pollard–worthy clip. A handful of boutique labels, most of them based out of his Memphis hometown, tend the kid's impressive discography, dangling ever-replenishing prizes much admired and desired by record collectors—also like Pollard, Reatard has managed to turn his unwieldy creativity into something buzz-worthy, if not quite profitable. Hence the garage-rocker's latest paymaster: Matador Records. Matador Singles '08 (not to be confused with the recent Singles 06-07) collects the half-dozen seven-inchers (adding one new tune—that's 13 tracks total) he's... More >>>