Greenhouse, Jon Bakhshi's long-awaited, eco-friendly Soho nightclub, finally opened its doors this month—by way of a half-dozen welcome parties over the course of a week. I skipped the early ones (where people complained of not being let in until midnight, a result of last-minute drilling and mopping at 11 p.m.; the invite said "10 p.m.") and instead went last Tuesday to see friends-of-friends the Kiss-Off open for Bloody Social, the Jamie Burke–fronted scenester collective. The place is green, all right: Careful networks of leaves, moss, and vines grid the walls, and little baby bushes are trapped in glass-cube tables. There are recycled-glass bars, a bamboo-wood dance floor, and furniture covered with recycled material; LED lights replace standard bulbs, and the toilets are programmed to use less... More >>>