Everything about Francis Farewell Starlite, leader of synth-pop throwbacks Francis and the Lights, is insanely meticulous. Sipping on Orangina in his cement-floored Lower East Side apartment one crisp January afternoon, Starlite is dressed neatly in a dark, military-ish overcoat, charcoal-gray pressed pants, and expensive-looking black dress shoes. The bathmat is folded tidily over the tub in the bathroom; racks of clothes hang from the ceiling, still covered in plastic from the dry cleaners. A trapdoor in one corner of the room leads to the basement, where you'll find a full-blown recording studio with the instruments all ordered just so, including an array of synths with all the white keys painted black. Starlite explains that it's a songwriting aide: "It helps me break the mold. The difference between black and white keys is that there... More >>>