It's rare that a band truly leads by example, particularly in metal, where stylistic and genre parameters are strictly patrolled. The New York City avant-doom quartet Khanate, though, followed its own path from 2001 to 2006, combining a crushing musical and spiritual heaviness with a mastery of silence that created and sustained suspense without any of metal's usual horror-movie theatricality. You can hear the roots of their sound in the slow first half of the title track to Black Sabbath's namesake 1970 debut, except here, drummer Tim Wyskida's cymbals play the part of the rain and Stephen O'Malley's guitar echoes the church bells (and not Tony Iommi's gloomy riffing). Khanate's excoriating marathons of pain never permitted the cathartic release inherent in even the heaviest rock. Unfortunately, no group can operate at this level of intensity for long, and after two full-length CDs, several limited-run live CDs and... More >>>