It's not hard to see why artist Cindy Sherman would give the old "no comment" to this bumptious account by her former boyfriend, Paul H-O (with Tom Donahue), of how he became an "art widow" when Sherman's star rose during the lucrative '90s. On paper, the two were a terrible match: A reclusive avant-garde artiste paired with the genially schlubby co-host of a public-access television show, who frankly admits he loves hanging with the contemporary art crowd. But if H-O was as clear-eyed then as he is now about the clubby pretensions of the New York art world, he must have exerted enormous appeal for Sherman, who was enraged by the male-dominated, celebrity-conscious painting elite. Given H-O's open access to that world—many of whose talking heads, including the exuberantly boorish Julian Schnabel, clearly relish the opportunity to knife one another with... More >>>