At 73, the Memphis-born actor, stuntman, former U.S. Marine, and Golden Gloves boxer Red West has the stoic, leathery repose of a barfly on a John Ford or Howard Hawks saloon wall. He doesn't talk much, and when he does, reveals even less, but there's an abyss of longing and hurt in every one of his sagging, distant gazes—the sort of face William Blake may have had in mind when he asked, "What is the price of experience?" If West's name rings a bell, however, it probably has less to do with the more than 80 film and television credits he's amassed over a half-century in the business than with his off-screen supporting role as friend, driver, and bodyguard to high school classmate Elvis Presley. You can see West in the background of many Presley films, as well as his share of hard-living... More >>>