A View from the Bridge (Play)

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    May 25, 2011
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    May 19, 2010

    George Plimpton, William Styron Get Down for McCarthy

    ​Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archives. August 22, 1968, Vol. XIII, No. 45 A Concurrence of Poets, And One Who Stayed Home by Joe Flaherty Possibly realizing their influence on the Great Society and the mathematicians in Chicago, a group of writers and artists staged what th ... More >>

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    May 4, 2010

    2010 Tonys: Nominations Announced, Big on Idiot Material

    ​The 2010 Tony nominations are out, and the yearly ceremony that becomes more and more designed to persuade people from anywhere but New York City to spend money on theater is soon to follow. The idea behind the Tonys is simply to get Broadway to appeal to the rest of America in a big, fancy ... More >>

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    May 3, 2010

    My Tony Nomination Predictions!

    ​In case you live for the nominations like I do (and by the way, they'll be announced tomorrow morning), here are my guesses. Disclaimer: I'm at a disadvantage. I actually saw the shows!

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    April 29, 2010

    The Most Star-Studded Tony Awards Evah!

    Red Hook gets tragic: Scarlett Johansson and Liev Schreiber in "A View From the Bridge." Photo by Joan Marcus​That's what'll happen if this year's batch of giant movie-and-TV-stars-turned-theater-actors gets nominated! (Or even if they're just asked to present--or usher.) This will probably b ... More >>

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    February 23, 2010


    Join a conversation with Liev Schreiber

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    December 29, 2009


    Scarlett Johansson smolders Broadway

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    March 13, 2007

    Comforter Zone

    Mattress springs eternal: 50 years of who beds whom, from Tea and Sympathy to Tim Miller

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    February 8, 2005
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    October 26, 2004

    Still a Contender

    Guilt, self-justification, and Brando's career performance in Kazan's 50-year-old classic

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    January 7, 2003

    What's Opera Now, Doc?

    While Broadway Lives the Puccinian Past, William Bolcom Gives the Met a New 'View'

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    March 28, 2000

    Opera by the Book

    Today’s Composers Search for Inspiration in Novels, Plays, and Even Films