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    November 19, 2010

    Sharpton and NYPD Team Up to Buy Back Guns

    ​City Hall can't decide if it wants you to have guns or not! Police commissioner Ray Kelly and Reverend Al Sharpton had a press conference today, announcing a gun buyback program to take illegal guns off the streets...just weeks after Mayor Michael Bloomberg slashed the fee for a gun permit from $ ... More >>

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    September 24, 2010

    Andrew Cuomo and Black Voters -- The Key to his Father's Victory, Will They Help the Son?

    ​Having set the national stage for the Carl Paladino roll-out yesterday, with CNN citing the Times as their reason for interviewing him, the paper did a nosedive today on the Sienna and Marist polls that rebut the Quinnipiac numbers that were featured in a front page story the day before. Th ... More >>

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    April 19, 2010

    Michael Steele's Latest Bondage Play: Hooking Up With Al Sharpton

    ​By Cat Contiguglia Michael Steele, the embattled head of the Republican National Committee, seems to be making a last ditch effort to make some friends -- any friends -- by hooking up with Al Sharpton. Steele, who has been the subject of intense criticism for irresponsible spending, includi ... More >>

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    January 9, 2010

    Barrett: Watching Al Sharpton Operate at the Percy Sutton Funeral

    Sutton​Jesse Jackson was standing by the front door at Riverside Church as Percy Sutton's coffin made its way out of the church Wednesday afternoon. Jackson had opened the three-and-a-half-hour service with a poignant salute to "the tallest tree in our forest," recalling the many "points of li ... More >>

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    November 9, 2009

    Tax Amnesty Idea Looking Better: 1 Guy Owes $19 Million

    ​When Governor Paterson included a tax amnesty program in his proposal to cut the state's $3-billion-plus budget deficit, claiming it would bring in $350 million, we thought it was rather wishful thinking. But the Albany Times-Union finds some big numbers among the top 200 state tax scofflaws ... More >>

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    September 15, 2009

    Candidates Make Last Push As Primary Looms

    ​ It's Primary Day. The candidates have been scrambling to make last minute subway pitches, spend their final dollars on radio and television ads, and send volunteers to push campaign literature in people's faces. So what does New York -- a city where so many people appear detached from local ... More >>

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    May 7, 2008

    Sharpton to Lead Pray-In Protests Throughout City Today

    On December 6th, thousands of protesters filled Foley Square to express their outrage over the Sean Bell shooting. Today, the Rev. Al Sharpton is promising civil disobedience, slow-downs and pray-ins at six locations around the city to protest the acquittal of three cops charged in the shooting. F ... More >>

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    September 7, 2005

    Times-Out on Sharpton Nod

    The New York Times has softened its earlier report that Rev. Al Sharpton and influential union chief Dennis Rivera had discussed a joint endorsement of Democratic frontrunner Fernando Ferrer.

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    December 14, 2004
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    November 30, 2004

    What Al Did to Jesse

    Sharpton and Jackson: 'They were kind of the best of enemies'

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    July 29, 2004
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    June 8, 2004

    N.Y.'s Power Couple

    Reverend Al Sharpton and Rupert Murdoch join forces to fight television technology

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    February 3, 2004

    Running From Race

    Democrats Are Ignoring Black Issues in Their Push for the White House. The Surprise Is Who Couldn't Care Less.

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    February 3, 2004

    Sharpton's Cynical Campaign Choice

    Reverend Al Dumps Jesse's Best for Bush's Buddy

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    January 27, 2004

    Sleeping With the GOP

    A Bush Covert Operative Takes Over Al Sharpton's Campaign

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    December 2, 2003

    Sharpton in the Rainbow's Shadow

    Reverend Al slips and slides as political landscape shifts

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    February 25, 2003

    Al vs. the Dems

    Presidential Candidate Sharpton Goes After His Party

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    January 7, 2003

    New Year's Grief

    'Justified' Shootings Spotlight Police Policy Issues

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    September 24, 2002
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    September 10, 2002

    Getting Greened

    Did Memories of the 2001 Mayoral Race Kill the Gubernatorial Primary?

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    July 16, 2002

    The Neverland Music Summit

    Sharpton's Confab Charges Music-Money Apartheid

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    January 29, 2002

    Bloomberg’s Harlem House Call

    Détente Between City Hall and Sharpton?

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    December 4, 2001
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    November 13, 2001

    Bloomberg Radio

    How Black Talk Jocks Sold ‘We Like Mike’ to African Americans

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    October 30, 2001

    Take It or Leave It, Mark Green

    Brooklyn Assemblyman Roger Green’s Challenge to a Turncoat Liberal

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    October 23, 2001

    Is the Peace Real?

    Probing Green’s Shaky Rapprochement With the Ferrer Camp

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    October 23, 2001

    The Race Factor

    A View From behind the Scenes

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    October 16, 2001

    Mark Green, You Can’t Hide

    Unmasking a Phony White Liberal

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    October 2, 2001

    Ground Hog

    Jesse Jackson Raids the Graveyard—On Al Sharpton’s Watch

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    August 21, 2001

    Sharpton Chooses Ferrer

    Mayoral Hopeful Will Receive Official Nod Before Labor Day

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    July 3, 2001

    Jesse Jackson: The Desperate Hours

    Inside the Civil Rights Power Struggle

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    May 22, 2001

    Who’s Afraid of Carl Thomas?

    A Black-Jewish Alliance Stirs Up Racial Fears in Battle for Crown Heights Seat

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    May 15, 2001

    Enter Carl W. Thomas

    How Abner Louima's Former Attorney Can Make or Break A Black-Latino Coalition

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    May 1, 2001

    The 'Wrongs' of 'Mr. Civil Rights'

    Why Jesse Jackson's Political Comeback Seems Doomed

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    February 27, 2001

    One Good Cop

    Retiring NYPD Detective Bill Jackson Was No Ordinary Policeman—He Even Rescued Al Sharpton and Me From a Jewish Mob

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    February 20, 2001

    If I Must Die

    The Last Will of Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad

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    January 9, 2001

    Taking the Rap

    Are Civil Rights Leaders Frontin’ for Hip Hop Gangstas?

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    December 26, 2000

    Is Jesse for Sale?

    Jackson-Watchers Claim Wall Street Contributors Arranged His Phone Call to Bush

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    October 17, 2000

    Why Blacks Shouldn't Vote for Hillary

    An African American Reporter Comes to Terms With a Taboo Subject

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    May 23, 2000

    Is Sharpton Protecting Hillary?

    Grandpa Al and Reverend Al in Senate Race Endorsement Flap

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    March 7, 2000
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    October 12, 1999

    Bigger and Blacker

    How the former mayor made Al Sharpton kosher and is winning back the hearts of African Americans

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    August 31, 1999

    By Any Means (Unnecessary)

    A History of the Confrontational Politics That Led to the 'Assault' on Councilman Bill Perkins by the Bully Boys of The Million Youth March

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    April 27, 1999

    Rudy Kisses Butts

    Embattled mayor embraces a harsh critic, but still can't find forgiveness in some African American quarters.

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    April 13, 1999
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    March 30, 1999

    Father of the Movement

    How Al Sharpton rose from 'racial arsonist' to racial healer, and changed New York City

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    October 6, 1998

    At Each Other's Throats

    Political retribution in Harlem in the wake of the Million Youth March

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    August 25, 1998

    Rage Against Muhammad

    An investigation by the joint terrorist task force adds to the Million Youth March leader's woes

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    July 28, 1998

    Should Al Sharpton Apologize?

    The racial politics of reconciliation in New York

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    July 7, 1998

    Johnnie Come Lately

    Black Activists Say O. J. Simpson's Lawyer Is on a Quest To Hijack the New York Civil rights Movement

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