Alexander Smalls

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    January 27, 2014

    At Minton's, Dine With the Ghosts of Jazz Greats

    In last Wednesday's Village Voice, I reviewed the Cecil, decrying it shamefully short of it's potential, which, I believe is very, very vast. Here's hoping the restaurant gets it together soon. But the Cecil isn't the only project Richard Parsons and Alexander Smalls teamed up on last fall. In Oct ... More >>

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    January 22, 2014

    Demand More, Harlem!

    The Cecil isn't all that it could be

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    November 12, 2013

    The 10 Best Restaurants in Harlem

    The crown jewel of northern Manhattan, Harlem's creative and socioeconomic identity has undergone -- as all neighborhoods are subject to -- a series of transformations since the renaissance of the 1920s. And while it hasn't experienced enough gentrification in recent years to qualify as the "William ... More >>

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    October 18, 2013

    Minton's, Opening Monday, Restores a Legendary Jazz Space in Harlem

    About a month ago, former Time Warner chairman and CEO unveiled The Cecil in Harlem, paying homage to the African diaspora with a menu created by executive chef Alexander Smalls and chef de cuisine Joseph "JJ" Johnson. But even as Parsons opened the doors there, he was hard at work on a major restor ... More >>

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    September 24, 2013

    The Cecil Brings a Celebration of the African Diaspora to NYC to Harlem

    Later this fall, media mogul Richard Parsons (former chairman and CEO of Time Warner) will revive a bit of Harlem's jazz history when he opens Minton's, restoring an old playhouse that once played host to legends like Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, and Dizzy Gillespie. But first, he's debuted the ... More >>

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    June 30, 1998

    Soul Lite

    Soul Food Reimaged for the '90s