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    January 19, 2012

    Jimmy Castor, R.I.P.

    Jimmy Castor was a smart aleck; a wise guy; a clean shit-talker with so much joie de vivre you had to laugh even when his truth-telling smacked you upside the head. So when he died this past Martin Luther King Jr. Day at 71 near his home outside of Las Vegas, far away from the streets of Harlem he o ... More >>

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    September 11, 2007

    Bee Kind, Rewind

    The exuberant wild style of Busy Bee still resonates three decades later

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    October 18, 2005
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    January 14, 2003

    Home to Harlem

    Malcolm X Archive Goes to the Schomburg

  • NYC Life

    July 23, 2002
  • News

    April 2, 2002

    Seize the Seat

    Poet-Activist Ras Baraka Runs for Newark City Council

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    July 20, 1999

    Malcolm X's Killer Axed

    Insiders Say Aziz Has Been Forced Out of Top Nation of Islam Posts

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    July 20, 1999

    FBI Probes Purloined X Files

    How did Malcolm's bullet-riddled diary land on the auction block?

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    October 6, 1998

    Malcolm X vs. Khallid Abdul Muhammad

    Malcolm: 'I'm Not Against Jews. I'm Against Racists.'