Black Party

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    October 1, 2014

    The Return of the Giant NYC Dance Club

    Victor Calderone is looking forward to the October 4 debut of his residency at the newly opened Space Ibiza NY as a long-delayed homecoming. Sure, Calderone, one of the city's true superstar DJs, has enjoyed residencies at nearly every big-room club in town. And he has been fielding other offers. Bu ... More >>

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    June 19, 2013
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    March 25, 2013

    Raunchy Photos Of The Hookie Awards By Dick Mitchell! NSFW!'s Hookie awards for best escorts was a wild affair that prepped Roseland for the even saucier Black Party the next night. Dick Mitchell deserves a award for photographing all the lovin'.

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    March 21, 2013

    Andrew Sullivan Says The Boyfriend He Met At The Black Party Has Calmed Him

    According to a profile in M magazine, Andrew Sullivan admits that when he was diagnosed with HIV in 1993, he couldn't get a date. But some time later, he met Aaron Tone at the Black Party--the annual drugs-and-sex-fueled debauch--at three in the morning. They've been together for nine years and ha ... More >>

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    March 18, 2013

    Top 10 Reasons To Go To The Black Party Expo & Dirty Carnival

    I love when a publicist cooks up a list of reasons to do something. It makes things so much neater and more digestible, especially when we're dealing with the raunchy yet illuminating Black Party Expo and other related shenanigans. Here are the reasons: 1--Need to buy an outfit for the big night? ... More >>

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    June 20, 2012
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    May 15, 2012

    Get A Load Of The Latest Weirdie I Almost Became Friends With

    Late last year, he chased me into a store to say he'd met me at the coat check of the Black Party and wanted to say hello. He seemed nice. A few nights later, he left a message saying it was great to run into me, but he wanted to make a better impression. Rather than play games, I called right ... More >>

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    March 28, 2012

    Male Escorts Get Extra Kinky In a Money Crunch

    Admiring the attributes of the sixth annual male-escort awards

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    March 19, 2012

    Sex With Snakes And Other Black Party Debauching Documented In Sizzling Book

    Noted publicist/writer R. Couri Hay has gone to a Black Party or two in his time, and he's written a novel called Secret Lives, which culminates with a stop at the 1981 installment of the annual gay debauch (which is coming up this Saturday). Here's some of his sparkling prose:

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    March 16, 2012

    TLC Star Drinks Her Own Urine!

    Well, at least she doesn't bother anybody else for it. For the finale of My Strange Addiction--airing Sunday night--they've saved this incredible whopper: A 53-year-old lady named Carrie who drinks her own urine, pours it into her bathwater, uses it as a lotion, and even brushes her teeth with it.

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    April 13, 2009

    Christian Outrage Over My Black Party Writeup

    Recently, I ran a reader's account of his highly sexed time at the Black Party, the annual circuit bash at Roseland, which manages to be both a benefit and an orgy. Well, as yesterday's Page Six related, Christians are enraged over it! Well, actually just ONE Christian--some guy who, on a website, g ... More >>

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    August 18, 2008

    Homage to the Frying Pan

    Joe My God pays tribute to the Frying Pan, an old lightship that was for years the vessel for the kickoff bash of the Saint-at-Large's famous Black Party, "where several hundred men danced in its spooky hold," recalls Joe, "risking tetanus and a few other things." (The Saint, for short-timers, was a ... More >>