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    April 27, 2010


    Oh, the things teens do for money

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    March 10, 2009

    The Early Word--Jollibee

    The landing of Jollibee, a Filipino fast food chain, in Woodside, Queens, practically inspired riots of joy. In the first few weeks, lines snaked around the block, as documented on Serious Eats. Jollibee is apparently wildly popular in the Philippines, where there are about a thousand branches (the ... More >>

  • NYC Life

    July 19, 2005

    Mega Huge

    'Mommie Dearest' and sultan of Brunei run with Scissors

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    May 5, 2005

    Whodunit: The British Consulate Bomb

    The explosion of two novelty grenades outside the British Consulate this morning has all of New York wondering: Why would anyone bomb the British? I mean, they're so nice, Coldplay rocks, and "The Office" is really funny! But, dear Watson, it turns out we have more suspects than the British road n ... More >>

  • News

    December 28, 2004

    The Numbers Beyond the Bling

    In the streets of America, people are worse off, and more of them are in jail

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    May 7, 2002

    Double-Standard Deity

    9-11 God Demands Special Treatment on Records and Residence

  • News

    February 6, 2001

    An Embarrassment of Riches

    Business Big Shots Invest Heavily in Democrat McCall’s Political Future

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    January 25, 2000

    Feel the Thrill

    Force Feedback Gadgets Give Gamers a Jolt

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    February 23, 1999

    A Most Unusual Collection Agency

    How the U.S. undid UNSCOM through its empire of electronic ears