Bruno Schulz

  • Art

    August 22, 2012

    Best in Show: The Spook Brothers

    'Quay Brothers: On Deciphering the Pharmacist's Prescription for Lip-Reading Puppets'

  • Film

    January 9, 2007

    The Wonder Boys

    Spotlight on the Brothers Quay at Film Forum

  • Books

    March 29, 2005

    Tomb Reader

    A WW II epic puts Shostakovich in a bizarre love triangle

  • Film

    June 1, 2004

    Das Bootlegs

    Hunting down verboten DVDs and videos on the Internet

  • Books

    January 13, 2004

    The Outsiders

    Israel's David Grossman serves up a YA novel, with schmaltz

  • Art

    April 16, 2002

    The Hole Truth

    ••• Vine-Swinging Scholar Meets Lovecraft, Ponders Puppets

  • Music

    October 23, 2001