Christian Holstad

  • Art

    June 15, 2004

    Termite Theory

    The only way to chew through what some artists perceive as rot is with a lot of activity

  • Art

    April 27, 2004

    Borough Hall

    The Brooklyn Museum's 'Open House' is less an exhibition than a welcoming shout-out

  • Art

    March 9, 2004

    The OK Corral

    Leaving postmodernist and postminimalist strategies behind and breathing fresh air

  • NYC Life

    February 24, 2004

    Reality Show

    The unpredictable happens when an artist blurs the distinction between the staged and the truth

  • Art

    December 9, 2003
  • Art

    January 28, 2003

    Paper Trail

    A Survey of Drawing on the Rise

  • Art

    January 21, 2003

    Rays of Light

    Another Opening, Another 85 Shows