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    November 5, 2013

    Brooklyn D.A.'s Race: Ken Thompson Easily Beats Incumbent Charles Hynes (Again)

    A challenger hasn't unseated an incumbent Kings County District Attorney since 1911. And Charles Hynes is a veteran incumbent. When his first term began, in January 1990, the New York Jets' starting quarterback, Geno Smith, hadn't been born yet. Today, Ken Thompson knocked Republican-for-a-day Hyn ... More >>

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    October 8, 2013

    Charles Hynes, Brooklyn DA, Goes Negative in Effort to Resurrect Campaign

    Call it the battle of questionable campaign aides. The campaign of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes and that of Ken Thompson, the man who beat him in the democratic primary, are trading attacks around claims that each campaign used politically connected operatives with criminal records in th ... More >>

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    November 10, 2010
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    September 21, 2010

    Vito Lopez Night in Brooklyn: Re-elected Party Leader But Faces Health Fight

    ​Bad headlines and investigations have never carried much weight with Brooklyn's Democrats. Party officials stood by past bosses Clarence Norman and Meade Esposito right up until a jury said the word "Guilty" in their respective criminal cases. They carried on that grand tradition last night b ... More >>

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    June 18, 2010

    Carl Andrews Goes From Clownish Antics to More Serious Trouble

    I remember when Carl Andrews was an innocent. The focus of scorching New York Post stories the last two days, Andrews is now a target of a probe that threatens the brief Democratic reign in the New York State Senate. It's the culmination of a life of clownish crime, though the usually ebullient Andr ... More >>

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    June 16, 2009

    And Now Introducing State Senate Leader John Sampson ...

    Here are a few highlights on the career of John Sampson, the south Brooklyn state senator who is taking the reins from now-deposed state senate Democratic leader Malcolm Smith.- Like Smith, Sampson is a soft-spoken pol who hasn't made a huge impression since he was elected to the senate in 1996. A ... More >>

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    August 21, 2007

    Obama Time

    An admitted 'hope-monger' brings down the house in Brooklyn

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    July 31, 2007

    A Hire Calling

    On their honor, it's politics as usual in Brooklyn

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    January 13, 2007

    Justice for Sale in Brooklyn

    (Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Howard Ruditzky Photo by Rick Kopstein) In a Village Voice exclusive, investigative reporter Wayne Barrett reveals that in Brooklyn politics, a State Supreme Court judgeship can be bought—for a kind of funny price. Barrett writes that there's big trouble ahead fo ... More >>

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    January 9, 2007

    The Sales of Justice

    In the dark corridors of Brooklyn politics, a State Supreme Court judgeship sells for $50,000 stuffed in an envelope, and $6,000 in postage stamps

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    August 29, 2006

    Brooklyn's Nasty Race Race

    Color and power collide in a historically black district

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    July 25, 2006

    Andrews Amnesia

    Why are the media giving the scandal-ridden Norman pal a pass?

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    July 11, 2006

    Fees and Thank You

    Carl Andrews runs for Congress, trying to shed ties to King of Kings County Clarence Norman

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    January 11, 2006

    Norman Sentenced to 2-6 Years

    A beleageured-looking Clarence Norman Jr., once Brooklyn's most powerful Democratic leader, was sentenced today to a term of 2 to 6 years for two separate convictions stemming from campaign abuses. The sentence means the former political boss must serve at least 2 years in prison before he can be c ... More >>

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    November 9, 2005

    Brooklyn's Surprise Posterchild

    So which candidate got the most posters on the most lampposts on the most-traveled Brooklyn thoroughfares to catch the eye of commuters on Election Day morning? Bloomberg, with his bottomless campaign pockets? Ferrer, with his diehard troop of Latino and African-American supporters? Boro prez Marty ... More >>

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    October 21, 2005

    Brooklyn's New Top Dem: Freddy Who?

    New Brooklyn Democratic party chief Vito Lopez (the tall guy without the hat) looms behind Mayor Mike at a mayoral housing press conference this month. ( The new leader of the city's largest Democratic organization had a tough time saying the name of his own party's standard bearer last ni ... More >>

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    October 18, 2005

    Tales of the City

    The 'Voice' bags the bad guys

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    October 18, 2005
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    October 12, 2005

    Brooklyn Court Insurgent Wins Round as Foes Rally

    A judge yesterday upheld the election of avowed reformer Margarita Lopez-Torres who won the race for the highly-prized Surrogate's Court judgeship in Brooklyn last month by a slim 120-vote margin. Queens Supreme Court Justice Leslie Leach ordered the Board of Elections to certify Lopez-Torres' elect ... More >>

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    October 5, 2005

    Does Vito Lopez have a Norman problem?

    Brooklyn assemblyman Vito Lopez, who is pushing hard to win the county's Democratic Party leadership post made vacant by the conviction of his former assembly colleague, Clarence Norman, Jr., has something else in common with Norman: Both men used political campaign committees to pay for their perso ... More >>

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    September 27, 2005
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    September 26, 2005

    Brooklyn Judge War

    Backers of Margarita Lopez-Torres, the insurgent Brooklyn civil court judge who holds the lead in the tight race for the borough's powerful surrogate judge position, say Democratic party bosses are trying to use the courts to take her victory away. With two canvasses of voting machines completed, an ... More >>

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    August 30, 2005
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    August 30, 2005

    Prosecution complex

    The Brooklyn D.A.'s office is ailing, but the cure may be worse than the ailment

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    August 2, 2005

    Better to Know the Judge

    As an adult home deteriorated, a veteran jurist and a lawyer shared cocktails and dinner

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    March 23, 2004
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    September 16, 2003

    The Backroom Crowd

    Indictments Looming, Power Brokering Goes on as Usual as Brooklyn Pols Meet

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    July 29, 2003

    Billy's Boondoggle

    The Comptroller's Payroll Becomes a Political Playground

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    July 22, 2003

    Spoils System

    How a Hefty Fee for an Ex-Governor Went Unnoticed

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    July 1, 2003

    The Judge in the Purple Plastic Gloves

    Clarence Norman's Latest Pick for Supreme Court

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    May 6, 2003

    For Judges, It's One-Stop Shopping

    Brooklyn Dems Celebrate as Scandal Mounts

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    April 29, 2003

    Judicial Fever in Brooklyn

    A Democratic Party Loyalist Talks Out of School

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    December 17, 2002
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    August 6, 2002

    Brooklyn's Judicial Loyalty Oath

    Selection Procedures Questioned as Scandal Widens

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    July 30, 2002

    The Judge Who Said No

    Brooklyn's Democratic Party Boss Punishes a Rebel

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    March 26, 2002

    Not So Artful Dodgers

    Inside Politics Doom an Affordable-Housing Plan in Crown Heights

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    March 26, 2002

    This Clarence Is No Clown

    Brooklyn Boss Leaves Trail of Campaign and Judicial Scandals

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    January 8, 2002

    Miller Time

    How Internecine Minority Politics Picked the Speaker

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    November 20, 2001

    To Play the King

    Brooklyn's Chance to Anoint the Next Council Speaker Is Slipping Through the Fault Lines

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    September 4, 2001

    Can’t Buy Him Love

    Brooklyn Machine Lines Up for James and Against Davis

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    August 14, 2001

    The Court Street Regular

    Brooklyn Machine Wants One of Its Own Atop the New Council

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    January 9, 2001

    2001: An Election Odyssey

    Races All Over the City Promise a ‘Mad, Mad’ Year

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    September 5, 2000

    Nouveau Pitch

    Selling Himself: What James E. Davis Does Best

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    August 22, 2000

    $140,000 for a Judgeship?

    Civil Court's Maxine Archer Says Her Robe Is Not for Sale

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    July 11, 2000

    Eviction Notice

    Reverend Clarence Norman Sr. Signs to Sell Home for Mentally Disabled

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    June 27, 2000

    A Ministry of Neglect

    State Shuts Down Adult Home Run by Reverend Clarence Norman Sr.

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    September 7, 1999
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    August 24, 1999

    Hillary 'Banned' In Crown Heights

    The First Lady's embrace of Former Mayor David Dinkins ignites an orthodox Jewish backlash

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    June 8, 1999

    Same as the Old Dov

    Borough Park Assemblyman Dov Hikind: New and Improved?

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    August 25, 1998

    Governor Wilbur

    Betsy's 'Warbucks' Bets $3 Million on Wonk With a Wiggle

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