Cold Mountain (Movie)

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    May 15, 2012

    Joan Rivers Hates Tom Cruise A Lot!

    This is from Joan's hilarious new book, I Hate Everyone...Starting With Me: "First of all, he's always got this shit-eating grin on his face, like he just got a note from his managers telling him that Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman are extending their confidentiality agreements. "Second, in TV int ... More >>

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    August 14, 2007
  • Film

    January 16, 2007

    Yuppie Scum Seeks Ravishing Refugee

    Jude Law gets his urban renewal on in Anthony Minghella's dramatic dud

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    September 7, 2004

    Screen Siege

    Cinematic campaigning: This fall, filmmakers assault the status quo at a theater near you

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    June 15, 2004

    The Mousetrap

    The discord between Disney and Miramax reaches boiling point with Moore's new film

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    May 4, 2004
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    March 30, 2004
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    January 27, 2004

    Blacked Out

    Speaking of slavery, Cold Mountain doesn't. Its pale version of history is a whitewash.

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    January 6, 2004
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    December 23, 2003

    365 Days Later

    The Other of Invention

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    December 23, 2003

    Civil Inaction

    Ain't no Mountain high enough to keep the American patient from his lonely Southern belle

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    November 25, 2003
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    December 24, 2002

    Modesty Blaze

    Philip Seymour Hoffman Out of Character