• Film

    June 21, 2005

    Mystery Scientology Theater

    They came from within: How War of the Worlds anticipated the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard

  • Film

    October 19, 2004

    It's a Shame About Ray

    Re-creating 70 years of a beloved pop icon's life, Taylor Hackford's gotta have a montage

  • News

    September 7, 2004

    Screen Siege

    Cinematic campaigning: This fall, filmmakers assault the status quo at a theater near you

  • Columns

    August 3, 2004
  • Film

    July 27, 2004

    Mann on Fire

    Conducting a city symphony, an accomplished stylist hitches a ride on a flowchart script

  • Film

    December 4, 2001

    All as It Had Been

    Hollywood Revises History, Joins the Good Fight