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    February 14, 2014

    "Less Sentimental" New Yorkers Say No Thanks to Valentine's Day. In 1871.

    New Yorkers are over Valentine's Day. They're over Valentine's parties and "anti-Valentine's" parties and buying crumbly, last-minute, guilt-trip chocolate from Duane Reade on their way home and mostly-frozen flowers from the bodega. They're too sophisticated for that dreck. Wait, sorry, that was ... More >>

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    January 21, 2014

    10 Ideas Under $10 for Your Week: Ingrid Dee Magidson at Unix Gallery, and Bullsh*t History

    Yes, the polar vortex is back, but we've got a pretty good array of events that will all take place indoors. See, we're thinking about you. Housing Works Bookstore is hosting a party in honor of Asymptote's third anniversary; writers John and Molly Knefel host Radio Dispatch, a progressive political ... More >>

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    October 22, 2013

    I Worked For the Last Virgin Megastore in America

    About a year ago I attended an outdoor screening of the film Empire Records. I hadn't seen the film since long before I worked the final nine months of the Union Square Virgin Megastore's existence and revisiting the film revealed an accurate portrayal of what that record store life was really like. ... More >>

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    April 17, 2013

    Free Reads: 5 Great Book Events That Are Giving It Away

    Project Runway:The Show That Changed Fashion The National Arts Club Friday, 6 p.m., free "Unwearable" was defined and redefined. Sewing got hip. We became frighteningly desensitized to the image of another human being crying. This is what 10 seasons of Project Runway will do. But at its best the se ... More >>

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    March 14, 2013

    Jiro Dreams of Duane Reade: Drugstore Sushi Chefs May Arrive in New York

    Nobu, Jewel Bako, Blue Ribbon... Duane Reade? Call it "drugstore izakaya" -- California Walgreens are now employing trained sushi chefs. The company (which also own NY's ubiquitous Duane Reade chain) is aiming to lure customers into its stores by introducing "luxury items." And what else says "fanc ... More >>

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    February 7, 2013

    Battle of the Cheesy, Heart-Shaped Boxes of Chocolate

    Doesn't the box in the middle look like the mask from Scream? But which one is the best buy? Let's say you like someone, but not enough to get him a $100 box of chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat. Or maybe you only hooked up with her once, and not satisfactorily, either. Or perhaps you're too l ... More >>

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    September 14, 2012

    It's the Post Office Customers Who Are Now Going Postal Now!

    It used to be that post office workers were stereotypically accused of going "postal" and turning batshit psycho out of sheer boredom. But the mail tables have turned! At my post office yesterday, there was a long line of old-school types who wanted to actually land-mail something, and because thi ... More >>

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    April 10, 2012

    15 East's $29 Three-Course Lunch

    The chawan mushi appetizer arrives with a black-truffle crag. When was the last time you were exposed to top-shelf sushi? Most of us measure out our lives in mediocre finger sushi and nori rolls, and only on rare occasions do we glimpse how perfect sushi can be. Not that the democratization of sus ... More >>

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    January 25, 2012

    Petula Clark Sings "Downtown" Uptown!

    "I know a place where we can go," as Brit pop goddess Petula Clark sang in one of her 15 consecutive Top 40 U.S. hits that came out in the 1960s. It's Feinstein's at Loews Regency, where "Pet" is serving you her hits in grand style (without any of the self-conscious I'm-doing-you-a-favor attitude o ... More >>

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    January 13, 2012

    Get Your At-Home Cocaine Test at the Williamsburg Duane Reade

    via @J_Brukman​File this under "good to know." Should you be wandering about Williamsburg on your way to your appointment to pee in a cup and get approval for your new job with the CIA, or for your court appointed biweekly drug test, and experiencing qualms that you may not pass it, you can st ... More >>

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    January 11, 2012

    100 Most Powerless New Yorkers

    A 'power list' for the rest of us

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    January 10, 2012

    It's National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

    ‚Äč Did you know that today is National Bittersweet Chocolate Day? Cool, right? It's also National Hot Tea Month ... as well as National Oatmeal Month and National Soup Month. Who came up with this brilliance?

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    December 7, 2011



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    November 28, 2011

    Duane Reade's Beer Growlers: Miracle or Satanic Manifestation?

    Where am I? Blind Tiger? Rattle N Hum? D.b.a.? (Click on image to enlarge.) It wasn't that long ago that if you wanted to get a six-pack (I'm talking beer, not abs) around Union Square, you had to make do with Bud Lite or Colt 45 in cans. Then the beer revolution occurred, and suddenly every bodeg ... More >>

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    October 13, 2011

    How Many Cops Does It Take to Get a Squirrel Out of a CVS?

    A wild squirrel walked into the CVS at 116th Street and Lenox Avenue on Monday morning and then just stayed, pigging out on delicious mixed nuts for four days, reports DNA Info. This is not only notable because there's video, but also because the squirrel entranced many a staffer and even random on ... More >>

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    October 3, 2011

    UrbanBaby Moms Weigh In On Occupy Wall Street: 'The Protesters Are a Bunch of Idiots'

    ​Finally, moms on smug-parenting site UrbanBaby are speaking out on the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests. The discussion thread we looked at today starts out like this: "I hate that I'm too much of a p*ssy to actually occupy Wall Street with the rest of the 99%. Finally, people are standing ... More >>

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    July 7, 2011

    Prime Meats Is Now Available in Growler Form

    ​Following in the steps of purveyors from Duane Reade to Stumptown, Prime Meats is now selling growlers. The restaurant writes in with the news that you can now purchase its PM Pilsner at Prime Meats Delikat-Essen & Provisions, right alongside the Faicco's sausage and homemade malolactic ferme ... More >>

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    July 6, 2011

    Duane Reade Just Keeps Getting Fancier, Foodier

    Everything but a maitre d'.​Soon, you might need a jacket and tie to go to the drugstore. Duane Reade, which last year installed a beer bar in one of its Williamsburg stores, has now hired a sushi chef for its new Wall Street location.

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    July 5, 2011

    Fancy New Wall Street Duane Reade Does Hair and Nails

    ​Tomorrow, Duane Reade will open a new location at 40 Wall Street, and to cater to the business types who are expected to shop there, the store will feature a hair salon, a nail bar, a pharmacy with a doctor on-hand, a sushi bar, a juice bar, and a stock ticker. At 22,000 square feet, the stor ... More >>

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    April 20, 2011

    Vibrators Are Everywhere Now

    ​Did you know you can buy vibrators at Duane Reade now? Well, you can. No longer are they illicit devices confined to the vague, grimy territory of sex shops, hidden in brown paper bags or unmarked boxes, purchased late at night on furtive shopping missions to "video stores" with blacked-out w ... More >>

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    March 4, 2011

    The Body of Mo Pitkin's May Be Brought Back to Life as a Performance Space

    ​The run of Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction was as colorful as it was brief: between its opening in 2005 and closure two years later, the Avenue A theater/restaurant/bar was rife with performance artists, burlesque dancers, and manischevitinis.

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    February 3, 2011

    NYC's Five Best Bargain-Basement Chain Stores

    ​Shopping is even more fun when it's dirt-cheap, and when you're sure no one you know will be there to catch you hunting for bargains. Here are the five best department chains that appeal to my budgetary needs and kitsch taste.

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    January 20, 2011

    Duane Reade May Have Watched You Pee

    ​But only if you worked there! Sixteen Duane Reade employees are suing the company for rigging bathrooms with cameras and "recording devices" (?) ostensibly to make sure workers weren't, what, playing Angry Birds or snorting drugs? It's hard to fathom this ever seeming a good idea at a manager ... More >>

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    January 19, 2011

    The O.B. Tampons Shortage: A Story of Loss and Longing

    ​Tampons. They are important to ladies. We won't go into the details here, but suffice it to say, they're personal. Intimate, even. So when o.b. nonapplicator tampons disappeared from the shelves of our local Duane Reades, something of a Seinfeld: The Sponge Episode was born. Except maybe born ... More >>

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    December 15, 2010

    Williamsburg to Get Even More "Normal People" Things, Like...a Movie Theater!

    via NY Post​Williamsburg is getting a multi-screen, multi-level, mainstream movie theater of its own, planned for a currently vacant lot at Driggs and Grand. According to the New York Post, developer Blue Zees Real Estate will spend $9.3 million on the 850-seat multiplex in a neighborhood that ... More >>

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    December 12, 2010

    Williamsburg, Brooklyn is the 'New Front Line' of Gentrification, According to England

    Via​Our friends on the other side of the pond have discovered a little neighborhood called Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, and today in the Guardian, deem it "perhaps the national capital for young 'hipsters' trying to beat back the commercialism and standardisation that defines much of American da ... More >>

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    November 11, 2010

    Police Release Video of Suspect in Soho Rape

    Last Friday, November 5, at 6 a.m., a 33-year-old woman was raped in the lobby of her apartment building on Thompson Street in Soho. The police have released surveillance video of the man they believe to be the suspect, shopping at a nearby Duane Reade. If you have any information about the crime o ... More >>

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    October 21, 2010

    Name a NYC Landmark You Miss

    ​I'll start. Big Enchilada. First, the branch on 28th Street shuttered, and I recently noticed that the one on 12th Street has said adios as well, tragically enough.

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    July 19, 2010

    Voice Editor Names Duane Reade's New Decaf

    ​Okay, so sometimes we toot our own horn. Congrats to Sharyn Jackson, associate editor at the Voice, who was just named a winner in the Duane Reade "Dr. Delish Coffee Naming Contest." Yep, thanks to Sharyn, Dr. Delish Decaf will now be called "Avenue D-Caf." You heard it here. (No autographs, ... More >>

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    March 12, 2010

    Duane Reade's Groceries Are Now Fully Locked and Loaded

    ​We didn't realize it at the time, but Duane Reade's sushi was just the tip of a very long ice pick. The drugstore chain's grocery ambitions are now fully locked and loaded, as evidenced by their new supermarket in Chelsea. Serious Eats took a wander through the store, and found such surprisin ... More >>

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    February 18, 2010

    Morimoto Samples Duane Reade Sushi; Ben & Jerry's to Go Fairtrade Compliant

    ​Whole Foods has reported higher-than-expected fiscal first quarter earnings, which is being attributed largely to a price shift instituted last year. [Forbes] Romania has proposed a tax on burgers, french fries, soda, and other fast foods in an effort to fight both adult and child obesity. [ ... More >>

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    February 12, 2010

    Duane Reade's Sushi: We Tried it so You Don't Have to

    How many things are wrong with this picture?​ Last October, Duane Reade rolled out its very own line of generic food products. Labeled with such au courant buzz words as "vegan," "gluten-free," and "all natural" and wrapped in discreet black and white packaging, they signaled the drugstore cha ... More >>

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    January 18, 2010

    Duane Reade Security Claims PA Cops Pushed Them Not to Report Shoplifters

    ​Fascinated as we are with the mini-crime-waves that occasionally pop up in neighborhoods despite the great numbers from the NYPD -- which aren't definitive in every case and can be misleading -- we were interested to hear claims from Duane Reade security at Port Authority that the PA cops hav ... More >>

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    December 29, 2009

    Michael Musto's Year (and Decade) in Review!

    Gaga for Google and every twittle thing that made the Aughts fraught with fakery and fun

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    December 3, 2009

    Snuggies Will Save Christmas

    ​I have the answer to all our economic woes! Buy Snuggies! You know Snuggies. They're those very chic wearable blankets that they advertise on TV and which have apparently fallen off so many trucks that everywhere from Duane Reade to K Mart now carries them in bulk. I bought a bunch of them ... More >>

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    November 9, 2009

    My Duane Reade Now Has a "Doctor on The Premises"!

    ​In this economic climate, establishments are doing everything but blow you to get your attention and more importantly your buck. But I was still a little bit shocked to see a sign in the window of my neighborhood Duane Reade announcing that they now have a doctor in the house for walk-in medi ... More >>

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    October 29, 2009

    My Duane Reade Card Got Me Points!

    ​You know those annoying "club cards" you get at Duane Reade because if you spend $100 there and they tally it on the card, you get five whole bucks towards your next purchase? Well, after what seemed like years of buying and trying, I finally made it! I reached $100 the other day, mainly tha ... More >>

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    October 2, 2009

    Posts of the Week

    Ah, sweet Friday afternoon. Here's a recap of the week's best posts to send you into Saturday. Our Man Sietsema rounded up the city's 10 Best Wine Bars. Battle of the Dishes pitted veggie dogs from Bark Hot Dogs and Crif Dogs against each other in a fight to the death. Vegetarian Delights reveled ... More >>

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    August 19, 2009

    Fast-food Chains Spreading Like Wildfire in New York; Men Cooking More Now than in 1961

    ​The five largest chain stores in the city have grown this past year, despite the recession. Dunkin' Donuts opened 88 outlets, Subway went from 335 to 361, McDonald's from 248 to 258, Starbucks ended up with 23 more locations even with widespread closings, and Duane Reade is up to 229 from 216 ... More >>

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    August 25, 2008

    Morning Papers: Drugstore Prices, Ugly Buildings Go Up

    You'd think the proliferation of chain drugstores in New York would drive prices down. But the New York Post reports that "prices of drugstore essentials... have gone up by 8.5 percent or more in the last six months." Manufacturers have raised their prices, sources say, so Duane Reade et alia must d ... More >>

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    September 18, 2007

    House of Blues

    A couple of "off-evenings" in another midtown meet market

  • NYC Life

    December 20, 2005

    What's a Muff?

    Drunken holiday shopping with Clarence the angel

  • NYC Life

    May 31, 2005

    Aggressively Adorned

    The search for this season's hottest (and largest) jewelry

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    June 1, 2004
  • NYC Life

    December 2, 2003

    Peace Goods

    Anti-War Holiday Gifts

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    September 2, 2003
  • NYC Life

    December 17, 2002
  • NYC Life

    April 2, 2002
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    February 5, 2002

    Red Alert

    Valentine's Day Gift Shopping

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    October 30, 2001
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