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    September 5, 2013

    The 10 Best-Dressed Chefs in NYC

    Fashion, like food, is often used to push the boundaries of conventional taste. And while white double breasted jackets dominate the kitchen, many chefs throw on more stylish clothing outside of work. In honor of Fashion Week--which runs from today through September 12--we've gathered the city's 10 ... More >>

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    October 8, 2012

    Pumpkin Spice Latte Shortage At Starbucks

    Well, this is awfully depressing. According to the Wall Street Journal, there has been a shortage of pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. The seasonal drink debuted on September 4, but the craze has already drained supplies across the country. Apparently baristas are hitting the street to search for ... More >>

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    October 8, 2012

    Eddie Huang's Got a New Show on

    Just as we're digging into our review copies of Eddie Huang's new memoir, which goes on sale next year, news comes that Huang will get his own food show on this fall, also named Fresh Off the Boat. Huang was previously featured in Munchies, a series where chefs act as guides on lat ... More >>

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    October 8, 2012

    Gay People Drink And Dine Better Than Straight People

    According to a infographic by Target 10, a gay-focused agency for top-tier consumer brands, gay people drink, dine out, and party more. The survey was based on a Experian Simmons data set with about 33,000 people polled. Not only are gays and lesbians more likely to consumer certain alcohol, they're ... More >>

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    September 12, 2012


    And the best vendor of 2012 is . . .

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    June 27, 2012


    No sleep till Queens 
(by way of Manhattan)

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    June 9, 2012

    Blogroll Gazette: Lobster Rolls and Egg White Cocktails

    This week in food blogs ... Serious Eats eats 19 lobster rolls. [Serious Eats] Eddie Huang and Francis Lam talk about whether or not it is fair for chefs to cook other cultures' food. "A huge part of the reason I opened Baohaus is because everyone thought Momofuku pork buns were the original and ... More >>

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    June 6, 2012

    When American Chefs Cook Immigrant Food

    If you read Francis Lam's story for the New York Times last week, maybe you thought about it for a few minutes: why do American-raised chefs who learn to cook the food of immigrant cultures often become so much more successful than the immigrants themselves? It's a very interesting question. I don ... More >>

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    October 13, 2011

    Portland's Andy Ricker Coming to NYC; Jonnatan Leiva 'Out' at 10 Downing

    ​Gualtiero Marchesi, the first chef in Italy to win three Michelin stars, teamed up with McDonald's to create two burgers and a dessert. [Daily Meal] Eddie Huang announced on his blog that Andy Ricker, of Pok Pok in Portland, is going to open a "wing shack" in the old BaoHaus space. [Zagat Bu ... More >>

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    September 30, 2011

    Original BaoHaus on Rivington to Close

    Earlier, Eater reported that the original BaoHaus location on Rivington Street on the Lower East Side was set to close, and now owner Eddie Huang's always entertaining blog, Fresh Off the Boat, confirms it. The tiny basement space where Huang got his start will serve its last pork bun this Sunday. D ... More >>

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    August 2, 2011

    BaoHaus 2 Is No. 1 With a Deep-Fryer

    Rebecca MarxFish cake on top, broccoli on the bottom.​ Yesterday, we took ourselves for a quick lunch at BaoHaus 2. Although, in truth, we were a bit weary of all of the hype that's settled over the place (and pretty much anything that comes out of Eddie Huang's mouth) like a cloud of displac ... More >>

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    July 28, 2011

    Eddie Huang Makes the Internet Go 'Round

    Gary Soup/FlickrEddie Huang and a man named Gary Soup.​ Baohaus 2 appears to be close to opening, and the Internet has once again taken note of Eddie Huang.

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    July 15, 2011

    The Bean and BaoHaus Branch Out

    BaoHaus​In between writing a memoir and hosting pop-up dinners, Eddie Huang has found time to focus his attentions on BaoHaus -- or, specifically, its expansion.

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    June 3, 2011

    Eddie Huang Will Soon Be a Published Author

    Fresh off the BoatHuang, with beverage.​File under "Unsurprising": the publishing world has seen fit to give Eddie Huang a book deal.

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    May 26, 2011

    Heather Bertinetti 'In' at The Lion; Eddie Huang 'In' at LTO

    ​Heather Bertinetti, who was the pastry chef at Alto and Convivio, has moved into the kitchen at the Lion and will also do desserts for John DeLucie's forthcoming Crown. [Feast]

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    May 25, 2011

    Back Forty's Annual Chesapeake Crab Boils Kick Off on June 14

    'Tis the season.​Savoy may have recently thrown its last big hurrah, but Peter Hoffman is gearing up to throw Back Forty's annual all-summer-long Tuesday night Chesapeake Crab Boils.

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    March 10, 2011

    Eddie Huang Defends Marcus Samuelsson Against All the Haters

    ​Marcus Samuelsson has found his very own Merri Lee Kingsly in the form of Eddie Huang.

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    February 23, 2011

    In Non-Shockers: Josh Ozersky Admires Eddie Huang

    Hearting Huang.​Today in his Time column, Josh Ozersky expresses his deep appreciation for Eddie Huang. It's not his food that the ambitious food writer (who himself aspires to greater notoriety) admires, but rather it's Huang's media savvy, his adeptness at communicating his irreverent -- if ... More >>

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    February 22, 2011

    Eddie Huang Blasts Faddy Foods on Salon

    Huang on hot foods.​Eddie Huang makes an appearance on Salon to bemoan the "utter ridiculousness of hip food trends." He cites a recent New York Times article about the razor clam's comeback and admits he himself has dabbled in silly food fads, just for the hell of it.

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    February 8, 2011

    Eddie Huang Wants Your TV Dinner Requests​Following his gig serving TV dinner at the Brooklyn Flea last weekend, Eddie Huang has decided he'll now offer his TV dinners four nights a week at Baohaus. Huang tells us that next week he'll make beef and carrot with anise stew on rice, with sides to be determined. He'll be m ... More >>

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    February 3, 2011

    Eddie Huang Will Serve TV Dinner at the Brooklyn Flea​Eddie Huang is on a bit of streak today: Not only did Sam Sifton give a glowing shout-out to the Chinese New Year dinner Huang threw with Tyler Kord at No. 7 last night, but the Brooklyn Flea has announced that dude will be a guest-vendor at the market, starting this Sunday.

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    January 11, 2011

    A Lesson in BaoHaus Economics

    ​ Never one to shy away from offering his opinion, Eddie Huang has provided passersby with a somewhat blunt lesson on the relative financial benefits of eating at BaoHaus. Dining there, this sign informs us, can be cheaper than Magnolia, Le Pain Quotidien, Better Burger, and Katz's - and it's ... More >>

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    January 5, 2011

    Eddie Huang and No. 7 Will Collaborate for Chinese New Year

    2011, year of the (very cute) rabbit.​Although Eddie Huang has been relatively quiet since the sudden demise of Xiao Ye, he's managed to keep himself busy. Among other things, he's plotting a move to Brooklyn - at least for two nights in February. Huang writes in to say that he'll be in the ... More >>

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    December 13, 2010

    Eddie Huang Eyes a Possible Expansion to San Francisco

    ​One day, Eddie Huang may get the smack-down he's been craving with San Francisco's Chairman Bao truck: in an interview with The Feast, Huang says he plans "to take my business to the West Coast...that's the second place we would look at" after New York. In the meantime, he says there's "all k ... More >>

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    December 8, 2010

    Eddie Huang May Appear on Your TV Screen

    ​Eddie Huang may have closed Xiao Ye and retreated to the warm and familiar confines of BaoHaus, but he's not going gently into that good night: he's told Eater that he's in the process of developing a TV show with High Noon Entertainment, the people responsible for Cake Boss. It'll be a "pers ... More >>

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    November 30, 2010

    Xiao Ye, Like Four Loko, Has Died

    Fresh Off the BoatEddie Huang sucks down the cause of Xiao Ye's demise.​ Four months after it opened, Xiao Ye has closed.

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    November 16, 2010

    Eddie Huang and His Mom Get the Video Treatment

    Eddie Huang, his mom, and CNN.​If by some remote chance you haven't gotten enough of the Eddie Huang-Xiao Ye-Sam Sifton kerfuffle, then check out CNN's Eatocracy, which has a lengthy video interview with Huang and his mom. Although the familiar territory of Sifton's goose-egg review is trod up ... More >>

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    November 13, 2010

    General Loko From the Front Lines: New York's Crusade Against Four Loko Continues

    ​Last weekend we learned that New York state, led by Senator Chuck Schumer, was attempting to ban the caffeinated alcoholic beverage Four Loko by circumventing the FDA and changing the law. Then, in a typically antagonistic move, daring the authorities to touch him, local chef Eddie Huang, a.k ... More >>

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    November 9, 2010

    The Debate Rages On: Jiggers v. Free-Pour; Eddie Huang's All-You-Can-Drink Four Loko Jam Nixed

    ​Hundreds of patrons gathered for one last drink at Ruby's Bar in Coney Island on Saturday to protest a landlord's decision to shut down the Depression-era dive. [NY Post] The latest wine by Bordeaux's Ch√Ęteau Latour is actually a Burgundy, which is rather surprising considering the two regi ... More >>

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    November 2, 2010

    Xiao Ye's Post-Sifton Menu

    visualpanic/Flickr​After Sam Sifton delivered a no-star review of Xiao Ye, Eddie Huang told us that he was planning to make some changes in the kitchen. And according to his blog, he has: Look for bigger portion sizes and individual portions for dishes like pot stickers, head-on prawns, and be ... More >>

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    October 13, 2010

    Eddie Huang Responds to Sifton's Review: "Fair Enough"

    The Food NetworkAll's fair...​Although he didn't mince words when Time Out New York gave Xiao Ye a less-than-flattering review, Eddie Huang's reaction to Sam Sifton's no-star appraisal of his restaurant has been uncharacteristically subdued. Huang took to Twitter last night to write, "@samsift ... More >>

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    September 29, 2010

    Xiao Ye: Lick Up Those Poontang Potstickers

    Eddie Huang deals in Cheeto-fried chicken and liquid crack

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    September 3, 2010

    Eddie Huang Trademarks the Chairman Bao Name

    Yesterday's pun may turn into tomorrow's lawsuit.​Back in May, Eddie Huang was none too pleased to learn that a new San Francisco food truck called the Chairman Bao had apparently appropriated the name of one of Huang's signature creations at Baohaus. Huang told us that he was planning to trav ... More >>

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    July 26, 2010

    Xiao Ye Is Open

    Tasty ChompsEddie Huang lifts the lid on Xiao Ye.​A little more than a month after giving us a sneak peak of his menu, Eddie Huang officially opened Xiao Ye yesterday.

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    July 23, 2010

    Dildo Safe After Lower East Side Fire, Dildo Enthusiasts Relieved

    ​You ever sit in your apartment and think: Hm. If there's ever a fire in this here apartment, I'm going to make sure to save [my children/cat/diaries/computer/family heirlooms]. Sometimes, people think that, because, well, there are some things you just can't live without. And today, faced ... More >>

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    June 14, 2010

    Eddie Huang Gives Us a Sneek Peek at His Xiao Ye Menu

    Tasty ChompsEddie Huang shows us what's cooking.​Last Friday, Eddie Huang gave us a taste of what he'll be serving at his new restaurant, Xiao Ye, when it opens on Orchard Street at the end of the month. While Huang may have had to forfeit the restaurant's original name, Crackhaus, he hasn't h ... More >>

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    June 3, 2010

    Eddie Huang Will Get His Chairman Bao Smackdown

    BaohausBang, pow, bao.​After his unhappy discovery last month that a new San Francisco food truck had appropriated the name of his signature Chairman Bao pork bun, Eddie Huang may get his change at revenge, of a sort. The Baohaus proprietor e-mailed us to say that a San Francisco chef has offe ... More >>

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    May 20, 2010

    Eddie Huang to the Chairman Bao Truck: "F*ck Yo Couch"

    Familiarity breeds contempt...​ As Eddie Huang himself might say, WTF? Yesterday, Urban Daddy ran an item about a brand-new San Francisco food truck called the Chairman Bao. The truck, which specializes in Asian-style steamed and baked buns, owes an aesthetic debt to Shepard Fairey -- and an ... More >>

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    May 20, 2010

    The Chairman Bao Truck Responds to Eddie Huang

    A bao by any other name...​Earlier today, Eddie Huang told us about his supreme displeasure regarding the Chairman Bao Truck, a new steamed bun truck in San Francisco that has appropriated both the look of Shepard Fairey and the name of the signature bun Huang serves at Baohaus. We reached out ... More >>

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    May 18, 2010

    Last Night's Community Board 3 Meeting: License Renewal for Freemans, Bupkes for Pretty Much Everyone Else

    ​Fork in the Road was unable to attend last night's Community Board 3 SLA committee meeting last night, but Eater was there, and gathered a few interesting tidbits.

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    April 27, 2010

    Some Food for Thought, Courtesy of Eddie Huang

    Tasty ChompsEddie Huang​Eddie Huang has gotten on his blog to talk about the American-born Taiwanese food he'll be serving at Xiao Ye, his new restaurant on Orchard Street. There are some photos of the food, which looks meaty and filling, and a Jadakiss video. And then there is Huang's explana ... More >>

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    April 27, 2010

    Exclusive: Eddie Huang reveals the menu for Xiao Ye

    Eddie HuangEddie Huang's lu wei with beef shank, duck wings, and taro.​Eddie Huang has returned from a recent jaunt to Taiwan and is busily making plans for Xiao Ye (formerly Crackhaus), his 50-seat Orchard Street restaurant slated to open in mid-June. Huang gave Fork in the Road the exclusive ... More >>

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    April 22, 2010

    Take Two: Eddie Huang's Crackhaus Will Instead Be Called Xiao Ye

    Tasty ChompsHuang: no longer wacked on crack.​Oddly enough, Community Board 3 wasn't particularly fond of Eddie Huang's decision to call his new restaurant Crackhaus. So the Baohaus chef returned to the drawing board and came back with Xiao Ye. The name, he told Grub Street, was inspired by hi ... More >>

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    April 9, 2010

    Eddie Huang Part 2: Asian Food Stereotyping, Momofuku, and the Cock Sauce Frat Boy Mentality

    Tasty ChompsBaohaus's Eddie Huang.​Yesterday, we spoke with Baohaus' Eddie Huang about everything from gua bao and Yelpers to Kenny Shopsin and Orlando, Florida. Today, we bring you the second half of our interview with Huang, in which he holds forth on subjects as diverse as Momofuku, his wor ... More >>

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    April 9, 2010

    Posts of the Week

    Friday afternoon is fast turning into Friday early evening, so here's a look back at the best posts of the past few days: We ranked Our 10 Best Noodles, Manhattan Edition. In a two-part interview, Baohaus' Eddie Huang held forth about many, many things. Battle of the Dishes waged an East Villag ... More >>

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    April 8, 2010

    Chatting With Baohaus' Eddie Huang About Crackhaus, Cheeto-Fried Chicken, and "Chefs Slapping Each Other on the Ass in the Press"

    Tasty ChompsEddie Huang lifts the lid on some steamed pork belly.​In the scant few months since he opened Baohaus on Rivington Street, Eddie Huang has established himself as (a) one of the city's most gifted purveyors of Taiwanese gua bao (steamed buns) and (b) one of the most outspoken member ... More >>

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    April 7, 2010

    Eddie Huang Hopes to Make the Vibe at Crackhaus "Abrasive" Enough to Scare Away the "Idiots in Lacoste Shirts" Who've Made the LES Suck

    Tasty ChompsEddie Huang serves steamed pork belly, smack talk.​While we at Fork in the Road are fans of the gua bao that Eddie Huang serves at Baohaus, we're also becoming quite fond of the rather frank musings he serves on his blog, Fresh off the Boat. To wit: last Friday, after we posted som ... More >>

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    April 2, 2010

    Baohaus to Beget Crackhaus

    Not that kind of crack house.​Well, that didn't take long: less than four months after he bought Taiwanese steamed buns and design-inspired puns to Rivington Street, Eddie Huang is gearing up to open a full-on, sit-down restaurant.

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    March 15, 2010

    Baohaus Responds to Hungry Patrons, Closes for Renovations​Could it be that complaints from patrons about the diminutive space have finally gotten to the Lower East Side's newly crowned gua bao king? Eddie Huang announces via his blog that he is closing Baohaus for renovations until Wednesday. "Get ready for Baohaus 2.0!" proclaims the ... More >>

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    January 6, 2010

    Vegetarian Delights of NYC: Baohaus' Fried Mantao with Sweet Black Sesame

    An invention of pure genius​ If you owned a steamed bun joint that was open late on the Lower East Side, you'd probably want to come up with something for those who crave something sweet after drinking. Chef Eddie Huang, of newly opened Baohaus did just that, and it's vegetarian to boot. (Not ... More >>

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