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    February 27, 2013
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    January 7, 2013

    Giuliani Loyalist Ken Kurson Takes the Helm of the New York Observer

    We noted last week that the likely mayoral candidacy of former Rat Czar and MTA chief Joe Lhota signaled a push by Rudy Giuliani supporters to turn back the clock to a Giuliani-time New York City. But it turns out Lhota isn't the only Giuliani protege ascending in the public eye right now. Staffers ... More >>

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    September 11, 2009

    Barrett: More Unsavory Characters on Snyder's Campaign Money List

    ​Yesterday, Wayne Barrett began to uncover the unsavory characters who have helped fuel Leslie Crocker Snyder's campaign to be the next Manhattan District Attorney. Now, in part two, Barrett continues that list, focusing this time on political conservatives who are backing Snyder... Richard G ... More >>

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    August 16, 2008
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    February 5, 2008

    Year of the Rats

    How the FBI’s terror informants brought down a Bronx jazz musician

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    January 22, 2008

    Hillary's Top Lobbyist

    Gotham power Suri Kasirer puts the peddle to the meddle for Clinton

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    December 5, 2007
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    December 4, 2007

    Rudy's Friend: The Accused Pedophile Priest

    Many Voice readers may be aware of Rudy Giuliani's longtime friendship with Msgr. Alan Placa, a priest accused of not only molesting four minors on Long Island but covering up other child abuse cases that he was supposed to investigate for the Catholic Church. Wayne Barrett wrote about Giuliani and ... More >>

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    December 3, 2007

    Giving Credit Where It's Due

    If you got a strong sense of deja vu when reading Michael Isikoff's "The Qatari Connection" in this week's Newsweek, it may be because you read Wayne Barrett's "Rudy's Ties to a Terror Sheik" in last week's Voice. There's not much new in Isikoff's piece. Like Barrett did, Isikoff talks to former CI ... More >>

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    November 20, 2007

    Rudy's Ties to a Terror Sheikh

    Giuliani's business contracts tie him to the man who let 9/11's mastermind escape the FBI

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    October 23, 2007

    'No Skeletons in My Closet!'

    Oh yeah? How Michael Mukasey and Bernie Kerik are haunting Rudy's run.

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    October 16, 2007

    Rudy's Pants On Fire

    Secret testimony shows that Rudy's stump speech is inflated, at best

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    July 31, 2007

    Rudy Giuliani's Five Big Lies About 9/11

    On the stump, Rudy can't help spreading smoke and ashes about his lousy record

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    July 12, 2007

    Firefighters Release a Rudy Myth Movie—You Heard It Here First

    The International Association of Fire Fighters released a 13-minute video yesterday on youtube and on the site that seeks to debunk some of the myths surrounding "America's Mayor." "Rudy has used the horrible events of September 11 to create a persona that is an elabora ... More >>

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    June 19, 2007

    No Wafer for Rudy

    Giuliani campaigns as a Catholic, but he's on the outs with God

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    December 5, 2006

    Twisted Spitzer

    Note to good-guy governor-elect: 10 reasons to stay Hevesi’s execution

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    August 29, 2006
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    August 22, 2006

    Rudy's Grand Illusion

    What Giuliani likes to remember about 9-11—and what he actually did (or didn't do)

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    June 13, 2006

    Rudy's Bank Balance

    One thing you have to say about Mayor Giuliani: He liked really big sandwiches. (City archives) Word that Rudolph W. Giuliani's PAC is raising money tonight led Power Plays to the former hizzoner's filings with the Federal Election Commission, which reveal that as of April 30, Rudy's Solutions Amer ... More >>

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    March 14, 2006

    Flunking a Bar Exam

    After the killing of Imette St. Guillen, scrutiny for the Falls dynasty

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    December 13, 2005

    Giuliani Pal

    Weld's brain trust

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    December 13, 2005

    The History of Rudy

    Giuliani's files are (mostly) back in public hands. Why did they leave in the first place?

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    September 21, 2005

    Indian Point's Woes & Rudy G

    Staying Alive: One of Rudy's post-mayoral consulting jobs is with Indian Point nuke plant, scene of two recent glitches (Mayoral archives). Rudy Giuliani's rep as a crisis manager has scored him more work, this time advising the Entergy corporation, which operates two Louisiana nuclear plants and o ... More >>

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    July 19, 2005

    Harding's Pals

    The freeloaders

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    May 3, 2005

    Debt Collection

    Bernie's Deadbeat Pals

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    February 22, 2005

    Condi's Growing Fan Club

    European tour '05: A jumping-off point for a White House run in '08?

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    December 14, 2004

    Lost and Found

    Soldier, jailer, hero, myth: the rise and fall of Bernard Kerik

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    November 30, 2004

    Saint Bernard

    Not so fast on canonizing Kerik—Bush's pick has big critics in New York

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    August 31, 2004

    Twin Twisters

    Pataki and Giuliani rewrite 9-11 history to bolster Bush, prepare for their 2008 race

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    May 18, 2004

    The Reflective Rudy

    Giuliani memo reveals plan to give Cheney a heart attack

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    February 3, 2004

    A Patronage Flop

    Perjury Rap Sinks Giuliani's Old Buddy

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    November 18, 2003

    Lack of Discipline

    How a Top Mayoral Aide's Quiet Scandal Went Unpunished

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    August 26, 2003

    When Cops Are Thugs

    Zero Tolerance Comes to Mexico City, Courtesy of Rudy Giuliani

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    January 7, 2003

    Bestselling Bigotry

    Rudy's Book Bares a Black & Latino Hit List

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    November 26, 2002

    The Other Budget Culprit

    Giuliani's Role in Fiscal Woes

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    July 16, 2002

    The Reflective Rudy

    The Ex-Mayor Writes His Own Farewell to Donna

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    June 11, 2002

    The Private Lives of Russell Harding

    The Feds Enter the Picture