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    October 2, 2014

    How to Be Happy Though Married and Five Other Awful/Hilarious Books by Left Behind Creator Tim LaHaye

    Since 2008, your Crap Archivist has brought you the finest in forgotten and bewildering crap culled from thrift stores, estate sales, and flea markets. Perhaps the most amusing and dispiriting of that crap has been Tim LaHaye's ridiculous guides to sex, family, and how to hate gay people. LaHaye, ... More >>

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    January 26, 2012

    10 Food Product Mascots That Give Us Nightmares

    10. Little Debbie -- You ought to have the face of an angel, Little Debbie; instead your visage is wrinkly and witchy. You are your own grandmother, and you're wearing her clothes, too: plaid shirt with collar that lies perfectly flat and strange white straw hat trimmed in sky blue.

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    June 4, 2010

    'What the Diaz?' Is Our Favorite New Game

    ​Via Joe My God, we've discovered an amusing game called "What the Diaz?" A lot of crazy garbage is known to spill out of Senator Ruben Diaz Sr.'s mouth on a regular basis. But Fight Back New York, the PAC that is trying to oust all the state senators who voted against gay marriage last fall, ... More >>

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    January 7, 2010

    From Baby Ebert to Survivalist Sheep: Studies in Crap's First Terrible Coloring Book Round Up

    Each Thursday, your Crap Archivist brings you the finest in forgotten and bewildering crap culled from basements, thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets. I do this for one reason: Knowledge is power.​ Helping With Bike Safety Author/Illustrator: Betsey Douglas MacDonald Date: None gi ... More >>

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    January 13, 2009

    What Can We Live Without In A Depression?

    We're all grimly paring down our spending budgets in the wake of the great new depression. But some things are way easier to live without than others. While I refuse to stop buying my weekly apples at the Farmer's Market--they're only a dollar for a bag of 10, for chrissake--other stuff can surely ... More >>

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    March 13, 2007

    High-Class Broads

    Country femmes crash Music Row's sausage party

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    February 26, 2002

    Phone Home, Michael Zilkha

    I’m Throwing You a Party, Please Come