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    February 20, 2009

    Jockbeat: Red Sox Cry Uncle After Yanks Spend Half a Billion

    For years, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have been locked in a bidding war for baseball's highest priced free agents. And now it appears that the Red Sox have finally blinked.According to the Associated Press and Business Week, Red Sox owner John Henry called -- for the second time -- for ... More >>

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    August 28, 2008

    NYC RFD: Tragedies, Politics, Yankees

    Yesterday armed robbers killed El-Hajj Kareem Shabazz in the video store he owned in Brownsville, reports the New York Daily News. Friends and relatives recall him as generous to all, including underfunded customers. "The really stupid thing," said Shabazz' imam, Umar Jordan, "is... if these people ... More >>

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    August 13, 2008

    Mets, Yankees Win, Still Suck, Say Experts

    The Mets and the Yankees won last night, but as is increasingly their custom, blog ball fans take little pleasure in it. "A win, a save, and a 'W' for Johan Santana," says Amazin' Avenue. "It could've gone a lot worse, but Santana was great outside of the first inning and the bullpen pitched two sc ... More >>

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    July 9, 2008

    The Houses That Ruthlessness Built

    Welcome to middling baseball in sleek new cathedrals

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    July 3, 2008

    D-I-V-O-R-C-E: The Sordid Celeb Splits of Christie Brinkley, Alex Rodriguez

    Is there any better way to head into a holiday weekend than with some salacious scandal about celebrities? Today's papers both start the long 4th-of-July weekend off with a "BANG!" with the sordid details of Christie Brinkley's first day in divorce court where husband Peter Cook was raked over the c ... More >>

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    April 14, 2008

    What the Hex? The Continuing Saga of the "Sox Curse"

    As mentioned last week, I love this story, but even I'm getting a little sick of it. My inner conspiracy theorist is beginning to think that perhaps the Saga of the Sox Jersey is one of those "partnerships" dreamed up by Hank Steinbrenner and Red Sox owner John Henry to keep folks interested in The ... More >>

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    March 25, 2008

    The Mets and Yankees Seek an Armed Revolution

    How Joba Chamberlain and Johan Santana will make us forget last year's miserable baseball legacy

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    March 3, 2008

    TABLOIDED: Barack Obama is a Christian and a Yankees-Red Sox merger?

    It's Monday, and we're sluggish. Perhaps it's the depressing idea that our morning commute has gotten more expensive or that the two presidential candidates could be determined by tomorrow night or maybe, just maybe it's the idea that the owners of the two biggest rivals in sports, the Yankees and t ... More >>

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    October 30, 2007

    A-Rod U-Turn?

    Torre's gone, but the slugger may return

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    September 25, 2007

    The Yanks Got Balls

    City Documents Show Team Billed Taxpayers for Souvenirs, Bar Tabs

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    June 19, 2001

    2 STDMS, OCEAN VU, $110M

    Minor-League Ball Comes to Coney and Staten Islands