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    February 22, 2012

    Andy Warhol's New York, 25 Years On

    Looking for signs of the artist a quarter-century after he disappeared

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    January 3, 2011

    Norman Mailer Keeps Trying this Moviemaking Thing

    ​Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archives. September 23, 1971, Vol. XVI, No. 38 films in focus By Andrew Sarris Norman Mailer's "MAIDSTONE" is being exhibited these days at the Whitney Museum, and "exhibited" is perhaps an apter term for the enterprise than "shown" or "released ... More >>

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    September 5, 2006

    FEVA Dream

    The East Village's Howl festival collapses amid mudslinging, debt, and broken promises

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    March 2, 2004

    Flaming Intrigue

    What’s happening to the legacy of an avant-garde legend?