Karinne Keithley

  • Dance

    September 4, 2013
  • Theater

    July 23, 2008

    Do Not Do This Ever Again Opens Ice Factory Series

    Marie Antoinette stars in sugary toothache set in Maine

  • Dance

    March 7, 2006

    In the Cold

    Two smart young choreographers tackle dark journeys

  • Dance

    May 10, 2005

    Letter? Letter

    A downtown choreographer probes life's mysteries by embracing them, scalpel out

  • Dance

    April 19, 2005

    Sing Out

    Music and dance waltz heart-to-heart in velvet harmony; daily life maneuvers into art

  • Dance

    January 18, 2005

    In Translation

    How does a choreographer tell a story when it's more than just the story dancing tells?

  • Dance

    March 2, 2004

    Pauline Gospels

    An old master, bright young choreographers, and terrific dancers salute the spring season

  • Dance

    January 6, 2004
  • NYC Life

    December 23, 2003
  • Dance

    December 23, 2003

    When Feathers Fly

    Tribes, human and creaturely, enact their idiosyncratic rites on a stage and in a garage

  • Dance

    June 3, 2003
  • Dance

    May 13, 2003

    Lost and Found

    Four Smart Women Brighten the Downtown Spring

  • Dance

    February 25, 2003

    Traveling Through

    Clubs in Space and Dancing Beyond Death

  • Dance

    December 31, 2002

    Opening Doors

    Over and Under, Around and Through, Go the Generations

  • Dance

    May 21, 2002

    Nuts in May

    From Martha to Hip-Hop—New Yorkers, It’s All Ours!

  • Dance

    September 18, 2001

    For Love of a Horse

    When Bad Things Happen to Good People