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    October 26, 2012

    Cloud Atlas Under Attack From Asian Group

    I don't agree with the protest, mind you. This isn't like that production I just criticized for trying to put a white person in blackface for a black role. Cloud Atlas is expressly a movie that has various races and genders playing each other. That's one of its main points. So I didn't find it j ... More >>

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    December 23, 2009

    Why This Decade Sucked, Reason #9: Artists Joined The Farm League

    ​ We will, in the closing days of this wretched decade, list the Top Ten reasons why it sucked. Reason #10 is here. This is #9.   Name your favorite artists of the past decade. Tough one, huh? The Voice plays the best-of-decade game in the current issue, and we salute the fine crit ... More >>

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    February 27, 2001

    Strindberg Man

    Where Genius And Problem Case Meet

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    March 9, 1999

    The Uneasy Dance

    A Purge of the Beijing Opera in Chay Yew's Red