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    January 8, 2010

    Rock Hudson Only Liked Pink Anuses

    ​There is no imaginable way to segue delicately into this one, folks, so let me just dive right in: Fifties screen hunk Rock Hudson--who died of AIDS-related causes in 1985--exclusively liked guys' buttholes to be pink. I learned this fascinating fact from Rational Radio host Jack E. Jett, w ... More >>

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    November 30, 2009

    Marc Christian Photos--Finally!

    ​I recently wrote about the sad passing of Marc Christian, the lover of screen idol Rock Hudson, though I wasn't able to provide any visual image of Christian since photos of him don't seem to materialize online any more than any confirmations of his death!

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    November 17, 2009

    Marc Christian Update

    ​I was recently startled to read that Marc Christian--the lover of movie god Rock Hudson and the guy who successfully sued Hudson's estate, saying the star had made him potentially susceptible to AIDS--had died recently.

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    November 11, 2009

    Marc Christian Has Passed

    ​A source tells me that Marc Christian--the lover of Hollywood god Rock Hudson, who sued Rock's estate because he felt the star had unfairly made him potentially susceptible to AIDS--has died. The source says the cause wasn't AIDS, which he never did get from Rock. It was a drug overdose. I' ... More >>

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    February 15, 2005

    Zip It Up!

    Assessing the new AIDS scare