Marilyn Mode

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    May 30, 2000

    Stop, Drop, and Swab

    New York Police Ponder Portable DNA Labs

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    October 19, 1999

    Standing While Black in NYC

    The Police Only Saw He Was Black

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    September 21, 1999

    The Warrant Squad 'Burglars'

    Detectives allegedly broke into an apartment once occupied by a suspect. They rummaged through the new tenant's lingerie, then said it was all a mistake. Was it a crime?

  • Long Island Voice

    September 14, 1999
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    September 7, 1999

    My Uncle Vinny

    When Vincent Curto was gunned down by police during a robbery nearly four years ago, no one wanted to hear his nephew's accusation that he was brutally assaulted as he lay dying. Until now.

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    July 27, 1999

    A Lesson Before Dying

    Voice Reporter Flunks NYPD'S Shoot-Don't-Shoot Test

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    June 8, 1999

    Trippin' On A Hooker

    Pushcart James Says He Saw a Man Beat a Prostitute Named Pork Chop. Pushcart Is a Dope Fiend. The Alleged John Is a Policeman.

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    April 6, 1999

    The Reflective Rudy

    Memo to file: Rudy Giuliani, April 4, 1999