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    April 9, 2014

    Wrongful Conviction Rally: "There Are Many Scarcellas Out There"

    "Twenty-four years," one woman said to the other, as they stood in the security line to enter the city hall premises. "Wow," replied the second woman. "How about yours?" "Seventeen years." "That's a long time." The women were here for a rally about wrongful convictions. Seconds later they wa ... More >>

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    October 8, 2012

    Red Bulls Soccer Coach Slashed to Death near Union Square, Leaves Police Scratching Heads

    Early Sunday morning around 4:30 a.m., NYPD responded to a call of a young, white male who had been assaulted in front of 25 West 14th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. When cops arrived on the scene, they found the victim was Michael Jones, a 25-year-old from West Harrison, a suburb in Westchester ... More >>

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    January 7, 2010

    David Letterman Joke About Transgender Amanda Simpson Draws Fire

    Some LGBT groups are enraged that this joke about transgender Commerce appointee Amanda Simpson appeared on the David Letterman show this week, and are demanding that he apologize for it. Quick recap: Dave announces the appointment, and sidekick Alan Kalter reacts with horror: "Amanda used to be a ... More >>

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    September 3, 2008

    Rudy Wasn't Always This Nice to Families in Trouble

    Daily News blogger Liz Benjamin wrote yesterday that "Vintage Rudy" had surfaced in Minnesota this week, lecturing a reporter "who dared asked him a question he found offensive." The question involved 17-year-old Bristol Palin's pregnancy, which Giuliani aggressively declared off-limits, calling it ... More >>

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    November 6, 2007

    Crisis-Mode Rudy

    Just wait till the rest of the country sees Giuliani unhinged

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    February 16, 1999

    Raging Bull

    Giuliani's Knee-Jerk Cop Defense Is as Incendiary as It Is Inaccurate

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    October 13, 1998

    A Bit Of Justice

    Baez settlement doesn't address police brutality